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Music Downloads

This page has music available for download. All music has the permission to be published and made available

A little Lenten gift from the Boston Organ Library.  In honor of Franck’s 200th year I’ve scanned this little piece of his and am putting it on the website for all (on our Sales page).  It’s out of copyright, so it’s alright.  I’ve never come across this piece before.  I thought it must come from L’Organiste, but neither volume has anything of this title. Anyway, it’s lovely -good for use  during communion or Holy Week.  To download the music, click here

~ Carl Klein, Boston Organ Library

A Christmas gift to our friends and patrons from the Boston Organ Library. It is a chorale prelude on Adeste fidelis, in the form of a Pachelbel chorale, but with more recent harmonies in some places. I think it fitting to celebrate the many church organist/composers who toil competently and generously, then pass into obscurity. Happy Christmas, Carl Klein, AGO Organ Library.
To download click here