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AGO Certification



Our Executive Committee is working to revitalize our chapter as a regional center for the AGO Certification. As a Guild, the AGO offers members these unique learning opportunities which are points of arrival for musicians at all levels. Guilds, being different from “clubs,” typically aim to support the mutual interests of members, and encourage maintenance of high standards. This is partially accomplished through the Certification Program.




  1. Strengthen your skills and gain confidence in areas you use all the time: sight reading, hymn playing, transposing, etc.
  2. Add additional qualifications to your resume to bolster your qualifications.
  3. Prepare/study at your own pace, either alone, with a teacher, or in a group.
  4. Set an example and encourage other colleagues to maintain, renew, and refresh their skills.
  5. Your church choirs and congregations will benefit from your extra enthusiasm, new techniques and repertoire, and increased confidence at the organ!
  6. Cash prizes are available for high scoring candidates!
  7. All AGO Chapters need more certified members. Certified members are needed to be part of the National Board of Examiners, to grade exams, and to encourage others.
  8. Even those holding advanced music degrees can benefit from certification for all of the above reasons.

How can you help?

  1. Volunteer to be an exam proctor (an easy job, especially for detail-oriented people! Does not need to be an organist. Detailed directions provided.)
  2. Offer your church as a host for Guild exams. (Ideally a quiet space with a flexible 3-man organ in good, working condition with a fairly standard console setup.)
  3. Help identify members in the Boston Chapter (and nearby chapters) who hold ChM, AAGO or FAGO certification for assistance in grading the live portion os upper-level exams.
  4. Consider challenging yourself by reviewing the 2024 Certification Requirements (link above) and signing up to take whichever exam feels right to you.

Andrew Scanlon, FAGO, is the new chapter Exam Coordinator. Please reach out to him directly if you wish to respond to any of the invitations and challenges listed above.