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Organs of Boston

The Boston area is home to some of the finest organs in the country. Please click on the links below to learn more about the organs, their stoplists, and their venues.

To submit an instrument for inclusion, send an email by clicking here

Please include stoplist, photo, and website link.

This page is presented in a 2 column format to allow for easy viewing and scrolling.

Special thanks to:
LEN LEVASSEUR | organ portraits
ROSS WOOD | venue descriptions

Adolphus Busch Hall

Adolphus Busch Hall, Harvard
King's Chapel

King's Chapel, Boston
Church of Our Savior, Brookline

Church of Our Saviour, Brookline
"Mission Church"

The Basilica of Our Lady of Perpetual Help /(Mission Church)
All Saints Brookline

All Saints Parish, Brookline
Memorial Church, Harvard University, Boston

Memorial Church, Harvard
Arlington Street Church

Arlington Street Church
Methuen Music Hall

Methuen Memorial Music Hall
Symphony Hall, Boston

Symphony Hall
Old North Church, Boston

Old North Church
Cathedral of the Holy Cross, Boston

Cathedral of the Holy Cross
Old South Church

Old South Church
Christ Church, Cambridge

Christ Church Cambridge
Old West Church

Old West Church
Church of the Advent

Church of the Advent
Sears Chapel, Brookline

Christ’s Church (Sear’s Chapel), Brookline
Church of the Reedemer

Church of the Redeemer, Chestnut Hill
St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, Wellesley

Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Wellesley
Church of the Covenant

Church of the Covenant
St. Cecilia Parish, Boston

St. Cecilia Parish
First Church in Boston

First Church in Boston
St. John's Seminary, Brighton

St. John’s Seminary
St Joseph Boston

St. Joseph Boston
St. Paul's Cathedral, Boston

Cathedral Church of St. Paul
First Lutheran Church of Boston

First Lutheran Church of Boston
St. Thomas Aquinas, Jamaica Plain

St. Thomas Church, Jamaica Plain
Trinitarian Congregational Church, Concord

Trinitarian Congregational Church, Concord
The Church of St. Paul, Cambridge

Saint Paul, Cambridge
First Parish, Jamaica Plain

First Church Unitarian, Jamaica Plain
The First Church of Christ, Scientist

The First Church of Christ, Scientist, Boston

Goddard Chapel, Tufts University, Medford

Goddard Chapel, Tufts University
The Parish of All Saints, Ashmont

The Parish of All Saints -Ashmont
Houghton Chapel, Wellesley College

Houghton Chapel Wellesley College
Trinity Church in the City of Boston

Trinity Church in the City of Boston
St. Leonard of Port Maurice, Boston

St. Leonard of Port Maurice
University Lutheran Church, Cambridge

University Lutheran Church Cambridge