Our Online Calendar has been updated for Streaming events!

As all of our in-person events have either been cancelled or changed into “virtual” or online-only events, our calendar has been updated with new features to keep our membership and beyond up-to-date in this new normal. Celebrating more than 10 years, the Northeast AGO online calendar “Musi-Cal” (Music Calendar) has recently been updated to note if an event is Livestreamed and list the Livestream URL.

There are many features in the calendar database, both for concert enthusiast attendees as well as for musicians and venues. Musi-Cal is tailored for musicians and especially organ/choral concerts.

Here’s a reminder on how to use the tool, and you’ll find links on the below to make this happen.


SUBMIT CALENDAR EVENT web page allows you to enter all the information about the event: time, place, performers, Livestreaming info, etc. Although the plethora of information fields may be daunting at first, the more important information is toward the top of the page, and the optional details are in the lower half. The more information you provide, the more keywords are included to be able to be searched and found.
When submitting an event, there are two questions that frequently arise:At the bottom of the submission form, it requests the year of Bach’s death (1750). This is used as a “CAPTCHA” password to have a simple mechanism to “prove” you’re human and not a hacker or robot. This method was chosen rather than having to retype random characters.

The database allows for a representative thumbnail image (which is resized to fit-within 200x200px) to be shown in many of the web-based listing display formats. The image must already be uploaded on the web somewhere. If you can’t find an existing picture of the organ, performer, or poster, then you can use a free service to upload your custom image and use its URL (web address) as the thumbnail URL entry for the calendar. A link and instructions are provided within the form.

After submitting the event, you have the option to edit or delete the event in the database. Both the “Thank you” success page as well as the emailed acknowledgement give you a special link that brings you back to the calendar entry form so you can change information (without having to start over). You can also effectively “delete” the calendar listing by clicking the DISABLE radio button. You should keep this email in case you need to make future changes.

It may seem like a lot of work, but the 5 minutes to type/paste in the information will go a long way to market your event.You’ve worked hard to prepare for the concert, help the public to know about it!

The calendar listings are shared in many ways:

On our chapter website (in the home page sidebar summary, and as separate pages for local and regional)

On nearby regional chapter websites, including Hartford and Worcester website directly, which includes an extensive SEARCH page to narrow down your musical interests.

Click here to SUBSCRIBE TO THE EVENTS CALENDAR emailed listings. You choose: the day of the week or month you want to be emailed (ex: first of the month, or every Friday); the span of time you want the listings for (ex: the next 10 days); the types of events (choral, organ, masterclasses, etc.); and the geographic area from which you would like to see listing (ex: within 30 miles of 06105 for Hartford-area listings). This is a particularly good feature to share with parishioners/choir members and your music-loving friends.

Special thanks to Will Sherwood, former dean and longtime member of the Worcester AGO Chapter, for creating, updating, and maintaining this valuable tool.

Would you like to print a summary of the concert calendar that is on our website?


Here’s how:

1. Open the browser of your choice (Chrome, Safari, etc.)
2. In the top bar enter:
3. A list of the concerts, arranged by date will be displayed.
4. Copy and paste the list into a document (such as Word), and you can print from there
a. To print (on a Windows machine), right click the mouse and click on Print

To submit an event for the calendar, click HERE.