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Church of Our Saviour, Brookline

25 Monmouth St, Brookline, MA 02446
Updated 2014

We are thrilled to announce that our parish is the recipient of a gift of a Hook and Hastings organ, Op. 1366 of 1887, an organ built here in Boston and more or less unchanged since its construction. It is startlingly similar to the original organ installed in our parish, Hook and Hastings Op. 485, given by Mrs. Sarah E. Lawrence in 1869.

The organ has previously been at only one church, Felicity Methodist in New Orleans. During Hurricane Katrina, a large section of the roof was was lost and the church and organ sustained substantial damage. The organ was purchased and completely restored by Redman Organ Works of Ft. Worth, TX. Installation is complete and the organ is now in use! This “Size No. 7” organ has a moderate stoplist but is richly voiced for congregational singing.


Hook & Hastings, Opus 1366, 1887