Our Chapter

Officers of the Chapter

Dean – Robert Barney
Sub-Dean – Louise Mundinger
Treasurer – Daryl Bichel
Membership Secretary – Lynn Vermeer
Recording Secretary – Jay Lane
Registrar – Tish Kilgore
Chaplain – The Rev. Carl P. Daw, Jr.

At Large Executive Committee Members

Leo Abbott (FAGO, ChM), Jonathan Ambrosino.
Katelyn Emerson, Lois Regestein

Anthony Brown, Claire DeCusati,
Jonathan Ortloff, Joe Scolastico

Committee Chairs 2017 – 2018
Competitions – David Baker
Education and Examinations – Douglas Major (AAGO, ChM)
First Night – Bryan Ashley
Library – Lois Regestein
Placement- Janet Hunt (FAGO)
SPAC – Martin Steinmetz
Program Committee – Louise Mundinger
Substitutes Service- Joshua T. Lawton (SPC)
Website- Claire DeCusati
Pipings – David Baker
Young Organists Initiative – Christine Hogan