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Chapter I Early Beginnings – from “A History of the American Guild of Organists in Boston, Massachusetts 1905-1954” by H. Winthrop Martin

The New England Chapter of the American Guild of Organists was formally begun in December, 1905. “It was the second Chapter to be organized, preceded only by Pennsylvania three years earlier.”

The record in the “New Music Review” of February, 1906 gives a detailed account of that first meeting:
With instructions from the Council, the Warden (Mr. Brewer) and the Registrar (Mr. Day) visited Boston on Wednesday, December 27th and consulted with the members of the Guild residing in that vicinity relative to forming a Chapter of the Guild in New England.

A meeting was called of the 26 members of the Guild residing in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Maine, and a number of the organists of Boston to meet at Mr. Everett E. Truette’s studio, 218 Tremont Street, Boston, on Thursday, December 28th at 2 p.m. 22 members and invited organists were present, and 9 members wrote letters saying they were heartily in sympathy with the movement to form the Chapter but they would unavoidably be absent. The Warden explained the wishes of the Council to those present and said that the special committee from the Council were [sic] in Boston to study the best way to form the Chapter; they were not leading, but were being advised by the members who were conversant with affairs in New England.

The Officers of the Chapter who were appointed at the meeting in Boston and elected at the meeting in New York, January 1st, were as follows:

George A. Burdett, Dean
Everett E. Truette, Secretary
Warren A. Locke, Treasurer

The Executive Committee elected by the members of the Guild in Boston were [sic] as follows:

The Dean
The Secretary
The Treasurer
Walter J. Clemson, Taunton
Henry M. Dunham, Boston
Arthur Foote, Dedham
William C. Hammond, Holyoke
Benjamin J. Lang, Boston
Hamilton C. Macdougall, Wellesley Hills
Samuel B. Whitney, Boston

On motion the name of the Chapter thus formed is to be known as “The New England Chapter.”

This Chapter will be conducted on lines similar to the Pennsylvania Chapter, and the Executive Committee have [sic] power to make a constitutional and by-laws, which, having been ratified by the Council of the Guild, shall be the authority for the conduct of the Chapter’s affairs.

Those present at the meeting in Boston, December 28th, were:
B. J. Lang
H. G. Tucker
Walter J. Clemson, Taunton
Arthur Foote
Warren A. Locke
Robert Allen, New Bedford
Allen W. Swan, New Bedford
Mrs. L. B. Felch, Natick
Alfred Brinkler, Portland
F. N. Shackley
Charles S. Johnson
Charles P. Scott
Wilbur Hascall
B. L. Whelpley
J. F. Driscoll
Alois Bartschmidt
Sargent Morss
George A. Burdett
Everett E. Truette