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Advertising in the Newsletter, Facebook Page, and Website
(This is a trial for the Boston Chapter advertising policies. The Boston Chapter reserves the right to change policy/pricing and terms.)
Advertise your concert, recital, institution, studio, or other services to more than 350 of your colleagues, plus the unknown numbers who will download the Chapter newsletter from our website. We also have over 1250 followers of our Facebook Page. Our official newsletter “Pipings” is published nine times per year and sent to all member of our Chapter in either digital or printed form. In the electronic version, ads are interspersed throughout the publication, and ad placement rotates with each issue. Those members without internet access receive a printed version in black and white.


2021 Advertising Rates

Advertising Rates

Ad Size (all full width, 6.25 inches)Webpage postingPrice for Pipings Newsletter Posting (2 month listing)Facebookeblast via Constant Contact
1/3 page (3 inches high)included for 2 months$50.00Includes 1 post for 2 months
1/2 page (5 inches high)included for 2 months$80.00Includes 1 post for 2 months
Full page (10 inches high)included for 2 months$120.00Includes 1 post for 2 months
Eblast - exclusively for your event for a one time email$150.00

General Information

• The Boston Chapter will accept ad placements consistent with the mission of the American Guild of Organists: 

o The mission of the American Guild of Organists is to foster a thriving community of musicians who share their knowledge and inspire passion for the organ.

• BAGO is not responsible for the design of ads or for errors.
• The Chapter  limits advertisements to one ad per concert, organization, etc. per month. You may inquire regarding availability of ad space.
• The total number of clicks on your ad may be provided upon request.
• All ads are subject to the approval of the BAGO Executive Committee, including, but not limited to, subject matter, size, images, hyperlink
• All ads will be labelled as “Advertisement” or “Sponsored Content”
• The Boston Chapter reserves the right to decline any advertisement, before or after published closing date, that does not meet with Executive Committee approval. Acceptance of advertising does not imply endorsement. Improper or exaggerated copy will not be accepted.
• Placement location within the newsletter or on the website is not guaranteed, and is left to the discretion of the editor.
• Advertiser assumes liability for all content (incl. text and illustrations) of advertisements printed, and also assumes responsibility for any claims made against the Boston Chapter, and agree to indemnify the Boston Chapter against any expense and loss suffered by reason
of such claims.
• BAGO does not accept advertising designed for the purpose of charitable fundraising for another organization.

Ads must be submitted via email.

  • If you ad is only text, please send just submit the text document via email
  • If your ad is a graphic file, the .PNG format is preferred by our email campaign manager, Constant Contact, and use of small fonts and graphics may result in blurry text and images in the final product.   .JPG format may work, but the clarity of the graphics may be diminished. Please do not convert a .jpg file to .png, as the clarity will be further diminished.
  • Your ad can be linked to a website or email address, provided by you, at no extra cost. The ad will be the width of the newsletter. 

All advertisements must be in final form and received with full payment before the ad will be run.

To place an advertisement, please contact


(Includes BAGO Facebook Posting)

The Boston Chapter offers a premiere ‘email blast’ service that features your ad only. Announcements are sent directly to BAGO members’ emails and are also posted on the BAGO Facebook page.

The fee for this service is $150, payable in advance to Boston Chapter AGO. This fee applies to members and non-members.

Advertising/eblast Process:

1. Send information about the event and any images, photos or graphics you would like included to Jonathan Wessler (  The ad will be placed after payment is received. You and/or your organization will receive an electronic invoice for payment.
2. Ads and payment must be received before placement in the Chapter’s “Pipings” Newsletter. The newsletter is published 9 times a year (September to May) on the 15th of the month. We request that the ad be submitted as early as possible before publication, so a preview copy may be sent back to you for approval.
3. Eblasts will be sent as soon as content and payment are received. The Boston Chapter reserves the right to limit the eblast to one per week, so as not to overwhelm our members’ email.
4. Online payment is not available at this time. Please make check payable to “Boston Chapter AGO” and note in the memo line the event to be advertised. Please send check to our Treasurer:

 Boston Chapter AGO
40 Newbern St Unit B
Jamaica Plain MA. 02130

Questions? Please contact Jonathan Wessler at