2019- 2020 YOI Scholarship Winners

2019 – 2020 YOI Scholarship Winners

Saturday, September 28 we held the YOI Scholarship Auditions at The Dover Church

in Dover, Massachusetts on their C.B. Fisk, Opus 107. The YOI Program continues to grow as we awarded scholarships to seven students this year. The scholarship recipients are:

Lucas Carvalho Justin Lee
Benedikt Ehrhardt Aaron Steward
Lucas Jindra Isabelle Zhao
Gavin Klein  

Each student will each receive private lessons with BAGO instructors approved by the YOI Committee, Boston Chapter AGO memberships as well as $100 to use towards organ shoes, music and other organ-related necessities.

The interest in the organ and our program continue to grow. We have students who are encouraged to keep working this year and reapply next year. We look forward to this trend continuing and hope you will all support this effort. We rely heavily upon the generous support of donors to fund this program and donations can be made to the BAGO and earmarked for YOI.

We hope you will welcome these students at BAGO events and support them in their studies. Due to COVID-19, the Spring recitals have been cancelled.

A heartfelt thank you to the following without whom this program and initiative would not have been possible:

Heinrich Christensen and King’s Chapel
Louise Mundinger and Jeremy Bruns YOI Committee
The Dover Church John Dunn

Sincerely, Christine Hogan
Chair, Young Organists Initiative